Faq Sections

1. How can I buy on Okygift ?

On our website (okygift.com), select the category that best matches the event, the person (age, gender) for whom you are looking for a gift. A series of gift items, specially selected for your beneficiary, will be presented to you. If you do not find what you are looking for in the selection, you have the possibility of exploring the entire catalog.

Click on "Add to basket" to access the summary of your order then identify yourself or create your account by indicating the address and the desired delivery date (that of the beneficiary or yours). Finally, choose your method of payment (secured by CB, bancontact or credit card) to finalize your order.

2. What does the Okygift gift catalog contain?

The Catalog contains a series of quality items selected by a team to meet your need for a gift idea.

3. Where can I . . .

On our website, you can order your gifts.

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Gift list
1. Can I create a gift list on Okygift?

Yes, on Okygift, you can create a list and/or receive gifts.

2. Is this service free?

We do not take any commission on the gifts that are offered to you. The creation of lists is free and the items are purchased by your loved ones directly on our.

3. What gifts can I put in my lists?

Unlike other sites, we offer you total freedom to compose your list with the same items that are present in our selection. Our catalog presents a multitude of items from different stores previously selected by our team.

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 1. How are the products shipped?

We ship your order with special care so as not to damage the products during delivery.

2. Can I have my gift delivered on a specific date?

No, have your items delivered to your home so you can offer your gifts on the desired date.

3. Can I order a gift item and send it to someone else?

Yes of course ! You can send the gift to the address of your choice. To do this, simply enter the recipient's address as the "delivery address" when ordering. In this case, it will be different from the billing address.

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